About Us


Playball is a specialized program, devised and continually updated by occupational therapist, educational specialists and sports experts. Coach Dena Brook was the first to introduce Playball in the Los Angeles area.


Playball helps children improve gross and fine motor development, increase concentration skills, build low muscle tone, to teach children to be competent in eye - hand/ eye - foot coordination, improve balance. We address the needs of the whole child - dealing with the emotional, social, cognitive and physical.

Playball is for children 2 to 6 years old. Classes are age specific and progressive. At Playball, children learn the basis of such sports as hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, volleyball and more.

Classes have an impressive creative component. They comprise of warm ups, basic sport skills and fun games. The numbers in each class are small enough to clearly monitor development and progression and large enough to ensure a fun filled environment.

Classes are being taught on the Westside and in the San Fernandopl Valley . Classes run from 30 - 45 minutes depending on the children’s ages. Playball can be offered as an enrichment class, as PE classes, as a Mommy n' Me class and the coaches also coordinate and run Playball parties. Coach Dena  also coaches Playball at summer camps  -  call us for more information on how you can get Playball taught at your camp!

Your children will develop confidence and skills as they master our fun and unique Playball sports programs. Ask about our great Playball parties too!

We look forward to coaching your children.